Monday, May 05, 2008

How many doctrinal discussions does it take to light our world?

I enjoy reading other's opinions. I like being challenged in my beliefs and taking those challenges back to God's Word to find the truth for myself. In some ways the Bereans are my heros I suppose. But I have honestly scaled back in the last few years and not sought out a lot of discussions online. Maybe it was because I was getting some good discussions from my classes at Liberty Online or maybe I was just tired of getting into arguments over things that increasingly seemed trivial at times. This week, I found myself drawn into a discussion over at the Internet Monk website regarding the Lord's Supper. Actually, it has been somewhat ranging and the discussion I have really gotten into involves some questions about baptism, but in a real sense these two things are tied together. Much of what separates the Body of Christ universal is division(s) on how to handle these two subjects. You can see my posts on the subject in the comment thread, mostly in the later comments since I didn't really get involved in the discussion until 5/3.
If you have any thoughts to share, let me know what you think. I am curious. At some point I am going to rework the ideas I get from this discussion into a post of my own here.

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