Saturday, March 15, 2003

I have heard many people say that the anti-war protesters are really just anti-American or worse yet anti-Bush. Well apparently those people are right. Why else would anti-war folk be advocating a war.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

In honor of the vote today in the Senate to ban partial-birth abortions, I wanted to bring to light a great quote that I read yesterday from Kathy Ireland:

"The bottom line is this: If the unborn is not a human being, have as many abortions as you want, whenever you want. It doesn’t matter. No justification is necessary. If, on the other hand, the unborn is a human being, no justification is adequate unless another human life, that being the mother, is in danger." -KI

This gets right at the heart of the debate. When is the last time you heard someone try and justify the importance of having a (fill in the blank with your favorite medical procedure). Now when is the last time you heard someone from the pro-abortion crowd, if you wanna be called pro-choice then please offer some choices, defend a mother's "right" to an abortion. Probably today if you have watched any news story about this Senate vote.
It's really simple. Everytime they launch into an argument about why abortion should be allowed as a "medical procedure" to save the life of the mother or keep a deformed baby from being born or what have you, they are essentially admitting that they know the answer to the question we should all ask.
Is a fetus a human being? If they didn't think so, then they wouldn't be arguing so vehemently about the whole thing. Let's look at some interesting info that you may never have seen before. Did you know that a baby can feel pain in the womb? Have you ever read what former abortion workers have to say about the procedure? And be sure to check out this page which talks about the procedure the Senate was specifically working to end today? Be sure and read it after you read the page about fetal pain, and then see if you don't feel your anger rising at the capricious nature with which some handle this debate.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Life isn't fair. I thought everybody ought to know. Because apparently some folks missed that lesson somewhere along the way. First I see this commentary by Clark Kellog, talking about how unfair it is for the innocent Georgia players to miss the postseason because of what a couple of bad apples did. Now I see that the Georgia players have been reading this drivel and are trying to make life fair via a court injuction. Sorry boys, sometimes life stinks. As my favorite saying goes, "In this world you will have trouble". You can count on it. So there is no point in whining when something unfair happens. Just learn from it and move on.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

There are many things in this country that need to be fixed. One of them is the current judicial system. I was reading a story today about the numbers of overturned decisions that the 9th Circuit court had a few years ago. What it boils down to is that all but one of their decisions was overturned. The best defense they had is to point out that five other appeals courts had all of their decisions overturned during the same period. All of which says to me that these courts are apparently incapable of coming to a correct decision based on the Constitution of the United States. If these courts are this inept at interpreting the law, they are in serious need of overhaul. This is probably not the case at all, but rather this is a case where these courts were excerisizing judicial activism (legislating from the bench). Either way, this is a serious red flag about the state of affairs in our current system. And I am not even going to start on the current mess that the Senate has created with its utter inability, thanks to stonewalling from a majority of members in the current minority party, otherwise I would be at this for another hour. Let's just "get under the hood" to borrow a phrase from good old Ross Perot and get it fixed sooner rather than later.