Wednesday, November 12, 2003

New York City!!
Now they say that Jewish and Muslim symbols have a secular dimension but that Christian symbols are "purely religious". What pray tell are they talking about? Why a nativity scene of course. Apparently they may not even be sure that the birth of Jesus even happened like that. It was of course something those nutty first century folks exaggerated to no end.
Why is it that we think we know better what happened 2 millennia ago than do the original eyewitnesses? It seems pretty arrogant to me.
This goes along with what I have long held about religious discussions in the public area. Watch yourself and see if you think I am right. Christianity is treated differently in the public marketplace of ideas. I hold that the reason for this is that it is True. I put forward that a religion that is not wholly True is not a threat. Therefore Christianity that is based on historical, truthful, undeniable facts, is a threat like no other to people in certain places.