Thursday, November 06, 2003

I picked a good time to get back to blogging. This story on FoxNews' website has one of the most outrageous quotes I have ever seen.
"Judicial selection should be based on principle, not on pigment. The president cheapens the process when he substitutes race for rationality or color for capability," Bond said.
This guy is speaking on behalf of the NAACP. It seems like only yesterday that these folks were screaming about letting minorities into Michigan Law School based on the pigment, race, color or whatever else you want to call it. Why do these people make such patently absurd statements like this? The reason is because they have turned skin color into a political classification rather than a racial one. I have literally seen them say that someone isn't black or Hispanic enough?!? What the heck can you mean by that. More and more they are simply being exposed for what they are; bigots of a different stripe.
The problem is this. If politicians do the right thing and cut social programs for the elderly so that their government won't go in a financial hole. Those same elderly voters will go to the poles and make sure they don't get any more chances to do the right thing.
The solution in Germany to combat this. Give children a vote to counterbalance. This would be extremely laughable if these people weren't dead serious.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

This is too funny to let stand without comment. I saw this on Barbara Streisand's webpage, where I had gone to read her sobbing about the movement of the Reagan movie to Showtime.

Regardless of what you think about Grey Davis, we should all be able to agree that we must now stop this attempted hijacking of the democratic process. Impeaching Clinton ...Florida and the 2000 election ... Redistricting in Texas ... now California... What makes the Right Wing think they can just bully and buy their way into power? If we allow this recall to win, we will be setting a dangerous precedent. In this unfair process, a candidate receiving just 30% of the vote could beat Davis, even if the governor receives 49%. Our governor was elected fair and square just a year ago. He deserves the opportunity to serve out his time in office. So get out there on October 7th and vote no on recall !!!

Apparently the "Right Wing" has been bullying those angels in the Democrat party when they have pursued Constitutional and lawful means to a)redress Clinton's perjury and obstruction of the law, b)stop a runaway Florida Supreme Court that tried to change election laws after the election was finished, c)allow lawmakers in Texas doing what lawmakers have always done in redistricting procedures, d)let California citizens exercise their lawful provisions for recalling a governor that more and more people were growing to despise. Thanks for the laughs Barbara.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

It has been a time of transition. I started a different blog to keep my ministry partners up to date and neglected this one. However, I am getting so sick of seeing these common sense propositions touted by someone as part of a great "discovery". So I am going to come back to this blog for my commentary on life in general.
Can we by some chance in this country find our way back to the place where we won't be stunned to discover that a)men and women are different, b)kids do better when their parents are paying attention to them, c)insert other commonly held piece of good old common sense here.
It's enought to make you spit.