Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I have seen two different columns today siting one example from Safwan last week as evidence that the Iraqi people don't want to be liberated. First it was Paul Sperry of WorldNetDaily, then Ilana Mercer at the same website, who engaged in this silliness. Listen if you want to voice opposition to the war, fine. That's your perogative. But don't misconstrue the facts. I have read at least a half-dozen accounts of this episode where Iraqis shouted, ""Our blood, our souls, we give to you, Saddam!". Now some of these erstwhile journalist probed deeper and discovered that the scene was being watched by some of Saddam's henchmen. Which simply means these chanters are not idiots. They don't like putting their families in jeopardy needlessly. Some journalist accounts of the same scene mention nothing of the sort, which leads me to conclude that they were a)lazy or b)prejudiced in their reporting. I will be kind and say it was laziness that led them to make this error. But to those who use this as ammo for your opinion columns I say, "Get all of the facts first."

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