Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Than Bread Devotional 3/11/08

1 Corinthians 16:10-11
10 If Timothy comes, see to it that he has nothing to fear while he is with you, for he is carrying on the work of the Lord, just as I am. 11 No one, then, should refuse to accept him. Send him on his way in peace so that he may return to me. I am expecting him along with the brothers.

I got to tell you that I really like Timothy. I can really relate to him in a lot of ways. I have been doing a sermon series at church through the book of 1 Timothy, but I hadn't remembered this verse until I read it today. Timothy had some problems with confidence and courage it seems. Paul frequently encourages Timothy in his two letters to him and here we see that he asked other people to help Timothy as well. This is something we can all do for our brothers and sisters. Do you know what your best friends weaknesses are? Do you actively seek to help him/her overcome those things? As believers, we should be quick to help each other in our areas of weakness.

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