Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Now I am keeping a closer eye on the news, as I am sure most people are these days. It is hard to figure out why it has taken us so long to get to this point and actually go to war. How long does someone have to lie and break promises before you come to accept that they are predisposed to lie and break promises. In this case it would seem something in the neighborhood of twelve years. Although that doesn't apply to everyone in the world. Apparently there are some eternal optimists out there who are willing to accept the word of a pathological liar and overlook his past indiscretions. You know like genocide, torture of his own people and those kinds of things. I am not a war-loving person. I don't know many folks who just love a good war. Although I can spot one side in this conflict who seems to fit the bill, and I have yet to see a protest in this country against him. Just find me one anti-war protest in this country where they protested Saddam Hussein's uncompromising attitude and defiance of U.N. resolutions starting with a ceasefire 12 years ago to save his sorry behind. I haven't seen one yet, but if you have I would be more than happy to know about it.
God bless our troops and protect them as they bring peace to a land that hasn't know peace for many years now.

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