Thursday, March 20, 2003

See Jeff! Your sister has not forgotten you. : )
I finally have a minute or two to sit down and write. My feelings last night watching the actual war commense went from relief that we finally started to a bit of sadness. I do realize that this war is a necessary evil. But I also have friends who are somewhere over in those sandstorms and firestorms. Somehow it changes the way I look at the pictures and bombs flashing on screen. I have to wonder where are my friends? I wonder if they are safe? I know many people are sharing those thoughts with me. I don't think they will go away while we go through this process.
I can only imagine what the families of Iraqi citizens who are not in Iraq are thinking. Actually I don't have to imagine what one of them thinks. Check out this conversation between a "peacnik" and an Iraqi named Mohammed
So I'll sit here in my nice "safe" apartment and pray for the safety of all involved. And feel very blessed to have the unbelievable US Military representing me and my freedom. God Bless them and our allies.

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